Anti-hunger. Anti-waste.

“ We help rescue food that would otherwise end up in landfills and bring it to those who need it. ” Uber will #LeadByExample during Hunger Action Month in September to help make a bigger dent in the global waste and hunger crisis. Because Uber has a large voice and influence they are the perfectContinue reading “Anti-hunger. Anti-waste.”


“Heinz Was Here” is the perfect opportunity to showcase where Heinz has been over the past 150 years. You’d be surprised where Heinz has been– from the International Space Station to historic sporting events, and the Pop Art Movement. Where hasn’t Heinz been? For decades Heinz  has been smoothing over dinnertime negotiations, making the inedible,Continue reading “#HEINZWASHERE”

Never Walk Alone Again

Prevention for violence against women. Walk Together is an alliance that empowers women to travel safely, prevents attacks, and reduces risk worldwide. Have you ever called a friend but they didn’t answer? Tried someone else and same thing? It’s late at night and you should have been home by now. Damn… Through the use ofContinue reading “Never Walk Alone Again”