Ghost your friends when you drive

Project Yellow Light wants to stop texting while driving.
The goal is to reach primarily younger drivers while avoiding
traditional preachy messages and scare tactics. Advertising
channels include billboards, radio, and streaming services
such as iHeartRadio.

Radio Spots: 20 Seconds + 10 Sec for Advertising Tag

Spot #1: Ghost your friends when you drive

Ever been ghosted by someone? I ghost people all the time. It’s kind of liberating. The best time is when I’m driving. It’s the perfect excuse to finally get some me time. Ghost your friends when you drive. They’ll still love you if you do.

Spot #2: Give yourself some “me time”

You don’t have to answer to anyone. Here you’re free from the demands of everyone. This is your “me time.” Here you can relax. Breathe. We all need time to revisit our core and be ourselves, know ourselves. Isn’t this nice?

Music Courtesy of JinglePunks In Partnership with Project Yellow Light

Key insight

People feel obligated to reply.
Buuuut, personal time is essential for health and happiness. Self care is important- it’s not selfish. So don’t feel guilty.


When they asked for billboards I though I’d give
something else a shot. So I sent them this:

Project Yellow Light could really have in impact, even
if a small one by reducing the number of distractions
on the road. They’d be taking a stand for what they
believe in. Plus it’s more cost efficient to just buy the
blank space than produce prints. Sustainability much? (;

Project Yellow Light could also partner with other
organizations in the start of a “blank space initiative.”
Just think of the media impressions.