Anti-hunger. Anti-waste.

Solo Project: Research, strategy, copy, art direction, production

We help rescue food that would otherwise end up in landfills and bring it to those who need it.

Uber will #LeadByExample during Hunger Action Month in September to help make a bigger dent in the global waste and hunger crisis. Because Uber has a large voice and influence they are the perfect candidate to kick things off. By bringing organizations like City Harvest, Feeding America, and Food Rescue US together under one umbrella, community volunteers will be able to connect to their local pantries and centers to help out. Uber Eats for All will fill in the gaps in the overlooked communities where the larger organizations are not present. A box of food transported in the trunk of someone’s car is better than the alternative- contribution to the 1.3 billion metric tons of food wasted per year that leaves millions of people starving.