What are these kids learning anyway?

My internship may have been cancelled, but MAIP certainly did not skimp out on value. Whew (wipes imaginary sweat from forehead). Here are a few things I’ve learned thus far.

Feels Like Family

MAIP has always felt like a family from day one. A big thanks to everyone for being so amazing!


I attended the 4A’s MAIP Selection Celebration on Thursday, Feb 6th. There I received an offer from Saatchi & Saatchi LA. As a Strategy Intern! Super excited! A huge thanks to Sarah Nguyen and the team at Saatchi for selecting me.

Bio, Hiyo!

Micha (My-sha) n.
Micha Lewis is an artist and creative strategist with a career emphasis on impact. Sustainability, mentorship, and quality of life are just a few of the areas in which Micha continuously devotes her energy towards making a difference.  

Micha enjoys bettering the lives of children and has volunteered at a number of youth camps before finding work at nonprofits. Through working with community oriented organizations Micha has been able to mentor and educate youth, and aid in fundraising efforts to enhance their lives. Micha’s nonprofit engagements include her work at Sunnyside Community Services, Infused Fitness, and Queens Community House.

Micha is a recent Advertising & Digital Design BFA graduate, class of 2020, with an AAS in Communication Design. She has been recognized over the years by superiors as well as state, regional, and national boards for artistic and advertising talent. Recognizing officials include The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, the NAACP’s ACT-SO Baltimore County Branch, The Creative Conscience, and academic performance boards at all post- secondary institutions she has attended. A few of Micha’s talents include drawing, painting, and sculpting.