You’ll get used to the water faster by jumping in.

It was ten minutes before I was about to go on when I found out I missed my sound check. I stood there backstage confused, wondering what would happen next and hoping the mic wouldn’t produce that dreaded screech. Fallin’ by Alicia Keys, Jazz edition. A song that requires singing the moment the music starts. I emerged from behind the curtain, and the spotlight obscured faces of the crowd came in to view. I took my place, lifted the mic, and waited to meet that first note head on. And that’s how I live my life. Plunging into the unknown. Not poolside, toe in, but fully submerged.

Micha (My-sha) n.

always an artist. basking in the cosmos. purpose driven work ftw. be kind to the earth and the people. celestial vibes~

I’m often not here until I need to be. ”

I’m an artist first. ”

I’m an artist first. It’s just in my nature to be creative. “Creative” Strategist because I love bringing creativity to mundane things. In my career I aim to bridge the radically right and left brained versions of myself to solve problems. I’m in love with data, research, and organization. But I also love to push my middle finger into an oil pastel drawing every now and again, each finger doubling as a brush for a specific color group.

How I live: Be kind to the Earth and the people in it.

Celestially Rooted | Environmentally Conscious | Altruistically Driven


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