Micha (My-sha) n.

Be kind to the Earth and the people. Celestial vibes~

When I’m not creating just for the joy of it, I’m setting up sound strategies for creatives to do great work.

I’m often not here until I need to be. ”

I’m an artist first. ”

I’m an artist first. It’s just in my nature to be creative. “Creative” Strategist because I love bringing creativity to mundane things. In my career I aim to bridge the radically right and left brained versions of myself to solve problems. I’m in love with data, research, and organization. But I also love to push my middle finger into an oil pastel drawing every now and again, each finger doubling as a brush for a specific color group. How I live: Be kind to the Earth and the people in it.
Celestially Rooted | Environmentally Conscious | Altruistically Driven

You’ll accomplish more if you start now. ”

 -some fortune cookie

In order to truly create without boundaries of the mind one must be open to all sources of inspiration. Do you open your fortune cookies? One never knows where inspiration and words of wisdom may come from. Truly inspired and unique work comes from those who exist not solely in their own bubble but in the vastness of the universe and its abundant disciplines of study. Through awareness and experience we can remove ourselves from the boundaries and constraints of a limited mind.

Let us create and inspire change. Let us be aware of the entire universe in which we live and aspire to leave it in a better state than when we first entered it. Let us soar past our aspirations and dominate the field of unprecedented action and impact. Time wasted is the product of delay and so inevitably we’ll accomplish more if we start now.

Do it for the impact.



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