What are these MAIPers learning anyway?

Answer: a whole ‘lotta somethin’

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I keep hearing versions this new cliché line everywhere. How could something be cliché if it’s new? Well, Covid has a funny way of making things cliché, quick. If you’re reading this, you’re likely in the ad industry, and have a few examples of your own Covid related clichés.

Okay, ready for the cliché? If you haven’t heard it yet, here it is: “Even though the internships were cancelled, in some ways this program is more valuable because you get to learn more than you would at a typical internship.” I’ve heard this across the board from LinkedIn to people talking about various programs that are going on this summer. I must say, the cliché is absolutely true. Here’s a rundown of the value I’ve gained through MAIP:


    March 2020 – May 2020

    11 weeks of training in the ad industry at large. A few of the trainings received: The Art of Storytelling, Integrated Marketing/ Agency Flow, Agency Production 101, Strategy 101, Communications Strategy, Getting Prepped to Be a PR Pro, Influencer Strategy, Project Management 101, Copywriting 101, Paid Social 101, Analytics and Media, Designing for Digital, Creative Technology, Creative Thinking for Non-Creatives, Adapting to Culture, Executive Presence, and more.


    June 8th – 26th 2020

    Training from agencies and organizations in the industry at large, Facebook Digital Marketing Blueprint training, personal growth tools, and collaborative projects.


    June 29th – July 22nd 2020

    Discipline specific training in strategy from different advertising agencies. MAIP Labs hosted by ad agencies on various industry topics and personal and professional growth.


    July 27th – August 28th 2020

    Transferable skills training from different ad agencies. Topics include: Presentation Skills, Paid Search, Programmatic Buying, and other personal and professional growth tools.


    July 27th – August 21st 2020

    A series of fast-paced one week briefs in a multi-department agency structure of 14 people (management, strategy, media, creative, PR). We were briefed by the client on Monday at noon or 2pm EDT and the final campaign was due by 5pm EDT on Friday.

    My Contributions
    Conducted research spanning brand research, competitor analysis, social listening, primal branding, cultural analysis, and SWOT analysis. Created briefs and presentation decks. Collaborated with the media team on audience research and determining best media channels. Created written, video, and visual content. Copyedited written materials.

    Awards + Honors
    MAIP 2020 VEP Finalist Team 🏅
    My team was selected to present our work to the host agency and a panel of judges.

    Best Campaign for Mindshare 🏅

    Top 8 Campaign of the Summer 🏅

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